Playground / Gym & Trike Rooms / Library
  • Playground

    Our fenced-in playground features a swing set, two large climbers, and a teeter-totter. Wood chips surround our play equipment for safety in case of falls. There’s a cement area with a basketball hoop and room to ride trikes or play soccer. The playground gate, located directly outside the center’s door, has a latch out of children’s reach. We do try to go outside at least once a day, weather permitting. We check the weather regularly and consult a wind chill/heat index chart to see if we are able to play outside. Sunblock and insect spray are applied with parental permission.

    Gym & Trike Rooms

    The gym is an area for children to run off the excess energy when weather does not permit going outside! The gym has large motor equipment, balls, Legos, and slides!

    The trike room is an area for the children to ride trikes through the cold winter and rainy spring! We have many trikes for the children to ride around the “track” on with the helmets UDN provides OF COURSE! The trike room also has some large motor equipment for children to climb, slide, and jump on.


    United Day Nursery’s library is a place for minds to soar! The classrooms throughout UDN get to take field trips downstairs to the library to read books as a group, exchange books to bring to their classrooms, and check out books to take home!

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